By 2021, 80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video


Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021.

Video marketing will change the way we promote our businesses, products and services for the foreseeable future. With video, we can communicate quickly and efficiently by telling a story that touches people in a way that no other media can touch. Video allows us to communicate with emotion and clarity, and gives us the power to tell stories that matter. In a marketplace filled with informational clutter, video breaks through and provides a competitive edge.

Video Distribution

Successful video marketing is more than just the development of powerful videos. It’s about targeted online distribution through the top video sharing networks that have the ability to drive significant traffic to your web site, increasing your online visibility, augmenting your brand perception and boosting new business leads. Utilizing the latest in social bookmarking, article submission, SEO submission and video submission & distribution. The Goodness Company is your connection to powerful video development and online video marketing.

Did You Know?

  • One billion hours of YouTube content viewed per day.
  • By 2021, Cisco predicts that 80% of internet traffic will be video-based
  • YouTube localised to 91 countries, and accessible in 80 different languages
  • 73% of US adults use YouTube
  • 2 billion monthly active YouTube users

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