Patrick Goodness Lectures on Medical Tourism Marketing at COTELCO Colombia National Hotel & Tourism Association Congress

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Patrick Goodness Lectures on Medical Tourism Marketing at COTELCO Colombia National Hotel & Tourism Association Congress

Bogota, Colombia: Patrick Goodness, CEO of The Goodness Company: Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Marketing, delivered a lecture on medical tourism today, to an audience of more than 200 delegates at the COTELCO Congress in Bogota, Colombia. This event, sponsored by COTELCO and the Progressive Transformation Program was developed to educate the hospitality industry about the burgeoning potential of the medical tourism industry. Joining Goodness, was an illustrious group of world renowned authorities on medical tourism and global healthcare, including Professor David Shore, PhD, Director of Project Management in Health Care Programs with the Harvard School of Public Health, Alejandro Jadad, MD, Founder of the Center for Global eHealth innovation with the University Health Network and Joan Passolas, Secretary General with AMFORT and Vice Chairman of the United Nations World Tourism Organization Affiliate Members Board.

Miguel Pulido, Health Tourism Sector Manager with the Progressive Transformation Program was pleased with the results of the congress, and edified by the positive response to the medical tourism lecture program provided by Patrick Goodness. “Patrick is a popular speaker at our conferences, because of his broad understanding of the medical tourism market, and his ability to communicate the potential that medical tourism can hold for Colombia and other nations around the world,” said Pulido.

Goodness lectures frequently in Colombia, providing medical tourism marketing seminars to private and public sector groups in Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Medellin, Cucuta and other cities throughout Colombia. Goodness believes that Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, The Bahamas and other Latin American and Caribbean markets will become leaders in providing medical services to a growing market of North Americans seeking high quality, affordable medical care.

Yolanda Perdomo, Director of Affiliate Members for the World Tourism Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, was enthusiastic about the congress and the lecture offered by Goodness. “Patrick Goodness understands both sides of the medical travel equation,” said Perdomo. “It’s clear that Patrick Goodness understands the importance of destination branding and how to develop effective healthcare marketing. But he also understands the dynamics of pairing an attractive, safe, tourism product with high quality, affordable healthcare to provide an exceptional patient experience. In the end, it is this positive patient experience that results in repeat patient visits and generates positive word of mouth for the doctor, hospital, city and nation.”

“The Goodness Company was pleased to participate in the COTELCO Congress, and we look forward to continuing our medical tourism marketing development in Colombia,” says Goodness. “When I speak with friends and colleagues about healthcare in Colombia, many are surprised to learn about Colombia’s advanced private healthcare system. With time and continued improvements in safety and tourism infrastructure, I am hopeful that more people will see Colombia as a safe, affordable healthcare destination,” says Goodness.